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Silambam, one of Tamil Nadu’s oldest and most traditional forms of martial art, is celebrated for its rich history of valor and skill. Beyond self-defense, Silambam serves as both an exercise and a platform for showcasing one’s talents.

At our institute, we offer comprehensive training under the guidance of highly qualified instructors. In the early stages of Silambam coaching, students receive a solid foundation in combat techniques. Our training regimen focuses on enhancing balance, strength, speed, muscular endurance, cardiovascular stamina, agility, and hand-eye coordination.

Join us in preserving this ancient art form while improving your physical and mental capabilities through the practice of Silambam.

Silambam training incorporates a well-rounded regimen that combines the grace of ancient martial art with modern fitness techniques. Our program emphasizes both traditional and contemporary methods to enhance your performance.


Cross-Country Running: Begin your journey with stamina-building cross-country running, which not only elevates your cardiovascular endurance but also imbibes you with the spirit of a warrior.

Resistance Training: Sculpt your physique and strengthen your core with resistance training exercises such as the seated chest press, dumbbell or bar press, and cable crossovers or flyes. These exercises are designed to develop muscular strength and endurance.

Speed-Based Training: Elevate your agility and explosiveness through speed-based drills, including sled pushes, sprints, and rear foot elevated split squats. These exercises are aimed at improving your quickness and dynamic movements on the battlefield.

Each training component is thoughtfully designed, with 3 repetitions in 1 set, to help you attain the physical prowess required for mastering the art of Silambam. Join us on this holistic journey to become a skilled and agile warrior.

Class Timings

Evening Classes

Monday, Thursday, Saturday : 5.00 PM to 6.30 PM

Fees Structure

Admission Fee: INR 2,000/-

Monthly Fee: Starts from INR 2,000/- per month

( Monthly coaching fees will be varied based on level of expertise )

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