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Every pre-teens gets a easy access to electronic gaming medium, they are not aware that they are capable of doing every thing that a human being can do. Their talents are stimulated by the situations, where they grow. Its a social responsibility that we present such kind of situations at their early stages. Our programs for the pre-teens who are at age level of 8 to 11 years is structured with great care.

We @ National Sports School proudly presents such a program for the pre-teens. Every 30 days we do fitness test and offer 1 main game and one supplement game. i.e., A pre-teen can select from Cricket, Soccer & Tennis as a main game and Roller skating/Karate/basket ball as a supplementary game. We follow a best process for the pre-teens to ensure that they learn, while they play a beginner level of game. We prepare them for next level as subsequent learning progress. Please visit our center so that our councilor will assist you with great pleasure. We have the package with a registration fee and plan by monthly and yearly payments.

Play the game for more than you can afford to lose… only then will you learn the game.

― Winston Churchill

Cycling expeditions on 1st sunday of the month, Swimming on 2nd sunday of the month and Trekking are provided to all our students at free of cost!

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