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Today Indians are the hard workers, and we are not smart workers. Because of the so created race, every men and women run for money and we don't care about our health. We believe that we have health insurance will protect us at all levels and yes they provide but only to your money but not your body. Your body parts is not some things you can change when you visit hospitals, it follows a cycle. Medicine to body -> accepts or rejects -> built or repair the tissues -> getting ready. On this cycle, the body refreshes with the help of foreign body and any how the residue remains. At later age the side effects take in-charge. This is a main challenge a middle aged person faces every day and remember you are the role model of your child.

We @ National Sports School has come out of a plan to change the life style. We hereby announced yoga classes based on the request from the parents of our students. Please visit our center so that our councilor will assist you with great pleasure. We have the package with a registration fee and plan by monthly and yearly payments.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

― George Bernard Shaw

Cycling expeditions on 1st sunday of the month, Swimming on 2nd sunday of the month and Trekking are provided to all our students at free of cost!

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